"Banner Day" oil on canvas, 12x12

"Banner Day" oil on canvas, 12x12

 Based on everyone’s input, “Banner Day” (also known as “taxi”) is the painting I should put into the International Guild of Realism’s 2010 juried exhibition in Palm Springs. Now that everyone has shared their opinion,  here are my thoughts:

The main reason I asked for input was because I’m really unsure if I should even be entering this show at all. I’ve been a member of the realism guild now for about 3 or 4 years, and their exhibits are wonderful, I’ve participated in 2 of their juried shows and have 2 pieces in their traveling museum exhibit, I met one of the galleries that now represents me as a result of being in one of these shows. But my own work has evolved so much in the time since I became a member that I don’t even consider it realism anymore. I have a feeling it has a good chance of being rejected–which is fine, if the show is limited to pure realism then my work clearly doesn’t belong there.  However, if by chance it does get included, it will stand out from the other work as different, this has happened in past shows as I’ve always been looser than the other artists in the realism guild shows. This is the upside I am hoping for.

As for choosing between the two, I would say “taxi” is a just a touch more realistic than “wine”. Again, the process of evolution at work here, I painted “taxi” last fall, “wine” is still on my easel. Even in that short period of time, my work has become more abstract. Once the momentum of change builds, it progresses rapidly and I’ve always just gone with it. So in that sense, “taxi” might be a better choice for this show.

However, there is the geographic factor to consider. My paintings of NYC do well on the east coast, but I’m not so sure about Palm Springs. If it were LA or San Francisco, it would matter less I think. I had a painting of NY in the rain in a show at Scottsdale Fine Art a few years ago, no interest in it at all. Yet all of the pieces I’ve sold in Florida have been of NY in the rain (but all to people who have lived in NY or other major cities).

It was also interesting for me to see who picked what, I always enjoy spontaneous reactions to the work, because that is how most people will look at a painting. Many times artists over analyze their work, I try not to do that–it either works or it doesn’t, that’s why I try to focus on what is interesting to me to paint rather than techniques and rules.

Thanks everyone for your input, it was very helpful and I appreciate your taking the time to help me out!


One Response to Taxi!

  1. Mike Fone says:

    Hi Anne, taxi is very much your kind of work. In my own opinion realism isn’t about tremendous detail but how light behaves.

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