Back to the drawing board!

study of apples in a bowl, greyscale pastels on suede mat board

study of apples in a bowl, greyscale pastels on suede mat board

After all these recent posts on social networking, web sites, and e-mail, you may have thought I switched careers, but I haven’t. I hope the info I provided was helpful, I get a lot of questions from students and other artists about online marketing and other technology-related items, so I’m happy to share whatever information and experience I can.

But for now, I’ll get back to the main focus of this blog–drawing and painting. This is a small study of some apples in a bowl–nothing fancy, but a drawing does not have to be complex to be good. Try setting up simple still lifes like this to practice from, working in charcoal, attempt to get the proportion, perspective and texture of the objects correct without overworking them. The more you draw, the better you will become and the more confidence you will build. A drawing should be elegant and strong, with confident strokes and a natural looking loose feel. Try not to overdo details, let the forms carve themselves out of the shadows–look for basic shapes and use landmarks to get proportions just right. The more you do it, the easier it will get.

Summer is almost here, I will be offering my Expressive Drawing class on Thursday evenings at the NJ Visual Arts Center in Summit, from 7 – 9:30 beginning July 16. Visit the center’s web page for details at or call 908-273-9121 to request a summer course catalog.


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