Tweet-tweet, all the world’s a-twitter

Thank you everyone for the responses and links to yesterday’s post on Facebook public pages. I hope you found the information useful and have good luck with your venture into social networking if you decide to take the plunge.

I should note, that since publishing and promoting my Facebook page as described yesterday I have seen an increase in blog traffic here. I’ve also been “tweeting” about the blog on Twitter. It is way too early to tell, but I plan to track my stats over time and will provide a report on the actual percentage of any increases that last over time–let’s say I do that in July. As a benchmark, right now I am averaging about 2,100 hits per month or 70 per day, we’ll see if that changes as a result of my social networking activity.

So, on to Twitter since I said that would be the focus for today. Twitter is a micro-blogging service that enables you to send text-based posts of up to 140 characters which are delivered to your “followers.” It’s primary use is a way to direct others to your blog, Facebook page or website, and to keep people posted about current exhibitions, or new work.

The best way to get followers is to do a search based on the market you want to reach (for example, I might type in “art galleries”, “art students” or “art collectors”). This will bring up a variety of post matches that you can look through, the ones that look interesting are ones that you should read and possibly send a reply to the author. You can also add that user to the list of people that you follow, many times that will result in the person adding you to the list of people they follow.

One thing I learned is that there are people out there who will add you to their follow list and then when you add them to yours, they send you SPAM. Just take them off your following list (or you can even block them) if that happens. Twitter is much newer to me than Facebook, so I can’t really say if it is worth it or not, but plan to give it at least a trial for a month or so before I make up my mind. I’ll report back on that as well sometime in July.

Tomorrow: In addition to all this, do I still need a Web site?


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