The Party’s Over

The Party's Over, oil on canvas painted from life, 30x40

The Party's Over, oil on canvas, painted from life, 30x40

detail, lower left section

detail, lower left section

detail, wine bottles

detail, wine bottles

detail, wine glass

detail, wine glass

This is the final version of the still life of all the bottles and glass, that means it’s time to come up with a title. I don’t like titling paintings, because sometimes words get twisted or can imply messages that are not meant to be there, so I’ll explain my thinking on this one.

I’ve named this piece “The Party’s Over” because I’ve always found the chaos in the mess that’s leftover after a big party to be visually interesting–remember, I also find piles of laundry, garbage, dirty dishes, recyling and other debris interesting. There are so many hidden patterns and repeating shapes in the aftermath of toppled bottles, glasses and corks. From a visual perspective, putting those elements together on canvas in a composition that creates motion and rhythm is what this piece is all about.

Although the bottles themselves formerly contained alcoholic beverages, this piece has nothing to do with drinking–but it can be a metaphor for overindulgence of all sorts–over spending, over borrowing, greed, power hungry politicians interested in making their mark, etc. The kind of things that put our economy where it is today, thankfully in that sense, it does seem as if the party’s over.


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  1. Gilberte says:

    I was here Anne and it is a very nice and informative blog with a lovely presentation of your art.

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