Acrylic over Collage

acrylic over collage on canvas, 8x8

acrylic over collage on canvas, 8x8

A new technique I am experimenting with. I’ve always been interested in collage but felt collage alone was not enough given that I really love drawing and painting. This started out on a recycled canvas that I gessoed first, then applied ripped magazine pages with acrylic medium. On top of that, I put a transparent glaze of yellow ochre for color variation. Next I painted the shoes on top using burnt umber, titanium white, cobalt, alizarin, cad red and cad yellow.  I like the graphic feeling and abstract shapes formed by the collage elements combined with the realism on the shoes. More to come.


7 Responses to Acrylic over Collage

  1. azureun says:

    Cool… 🙂 nice work

  2. Maureen says:

    Hi. This is great. At first I saw it as a complete abstract. Kept looking and then I saw the shoes.

  3. kullaf says:

    thanks! that’s what I love about working this way, the representational elements get lost and then almost appear as a surprise

  4. Bonnie Luria says:

    I had the same thought- and then read the part about shoes. Of course, then it was clear- yes! they’re sassy shoes.

    Greatly appreciate reading the steps you took to create it and think this is a good way to jump start the muse when oil canvases are giving you a hard time. Which is note to self.

    Thank you- I always find every piece you show to be a great lesson.

  5. kullaf says:

    thanks Bonnie!

  6. Alex says:

    This is wonderful. I just found this post and love the technique. I agree with kullaf and Bonnie and experienced the same things. Great work and thank you, as an artist, for sharing your journey with us:)

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