Class Notes – Oils 4/20/2009

still life study, oil on watercolor paper, about 12x12"

still life study, oil on watercolor paper, about 12x12"

Concepts presented:

  • advanced students (entire class) try to focus on specific goals for your work, things you want to improve, what your work is about, etc. (see handout)
  • review of specific genre: photorealism, next week I will review impressionistic style
  • demo: example of setting specific goals for your work–I am working towards less layering and more alla prima techniques in my own work, this demo focuses on quickly capturing the essence of the still life through lively brushwork and a limited palette
  • palette used = burnt sienna, cobalt, alizarin, yellow ochre, cadmium yellow titanium white
  • brush used = 1/2″ soft bright
  • composition focuses on repeating shapes (ellipses, spheres), red-green color harmony

Note: as mentioned I am looking into putting together a group exhibit for the class at the Clarence Dillon Library in Bedminster, I’ll have more info next week


2 Responses to Class Notes – Oils 4/20/2009

  1. Trieu says:

    I am interested in this painting of yours too. The picture is kind of warm and cosy. Instead of a collection of little cups with that pot, you replaced them with lemons and apple :), nice touch … and that downward pink flowers which covered the white pot is very creative. Thank you for your skillful painting.

  2. kullaf says:

    thanks! sometimes I like to give myself odd little challenges, like taking something of this nature which can be a bit too much on the “sweet” side for me and seeing if I can make it a little bit interesting from a visual design standpoint–the square format and objects running off the page help to make a little less traditional, pushing the darks also helps. Studies like this are helpful for practice in working with color, proportion, composition, etc.

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