Green Glass

study of green glass, 9x12" acrylic on canvas pad

study of green glass, 9x12" acrylic on canvas pad

A quick (about 20 minutes) study of green glass. Green is a difficult color, I have found variation to be the key to successfully working with green. Greens that are mixed rather than from the tube seem to be more natural in appearance.

On the beer bottle:

  • darkest values are made up of burnt umber + cobalt,
  • medium greens = cobalt + cad yellow,
  • lights = cobalt + cad yellow + cobalt turquoise + a small amount of white
  • highlights = cad yellow + white for warm highlights; cobalt + white for cool highlights

On the wine bottle:

  • darkest values = cobalt + burnt umber
  • medium values = yellow ochre + cobalt + cad yellow (small amt)
  • lights = cad yellow + white + cobalt turqoise (small amt)
  • highlights = cad yellow + white for warm highlights; cobalt blue + white for cool highlights

The only “odd” color I have used (not on my typical limited palette) is the cobalt turqouise. In this case, it gives a bit of extra color variation and spark that I see in this type of glass. I’ve used it throughout the composition so it doesn’t appear in only one place and call too much attention to itself.

Note the gesture of the bottles–the fact that their labels are turned away from each other mimics 2 figures who are angry with one another, having turned their backs to each other and gazing down at the floor.


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