Another study of glass

acrylic on canvas panel, about 9x12

acrylic on canvas panel, about 9x12

A rough sketch in acrylic on a canvas panel that I think was defective–the paint kept beading up even though the label said the panel was suitable for use with either acrylics or oils. I don’t care too much for working on canvas panels, I only use them for practice and even for that I prefer the touch and texture of a canvas pad. I managed to get the paint to stick by doing primarily a dry brush approach, which turned out sort of interesting in its own way. Palette = burnt umber, titanium white, naples yellow and cobalt, I left much of the canvas showing as if it were paper since the paint was not adhering to it properly. It will still serve its purpose in my exploration of glass prior to starting the large painting. I like the abstract qualities this has from the glass seen through other glass and will have a lot of that going on in the final piece.


2 Responses to Another study of glass

  1. Bonnie Luria says:

    Your pre-painting drawings have the finesse of fine draftsmanship. I so enjoy looking at your work in these early stages and reading about your thoughts as you encounter and skirt problems.
    This piece as well as the previous bottles posted just prior to this one, shows your ability to keep it loose AND keep it right.

    Always a pleasure to view your blog Anne.

  2. kullaf says:

    thank you Bonnie

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