Do you paint everyday?

acrylic and pastel sketch on cardboard with stamp

acrylic and pastel sketch on cardboard with Czechoslovak stamp

Everyone asks me if I paint everyday. No,  I don’t, there isn’t any time–but I do at least 10 minutes of drawing or sketching. Additionally there are the drawings done during my demos in class, but those don’t count. Mostly I like to do small sketches based purely on whatever happens to interest me in my current surroundings.

I came across an old coffee cup at the art center made of that chunky institutional dinnerware material, with a typical pattern on it. It has a lot of paint stains on it. I sketched it on the back of an empty canvas pad with black acrylic and added in some cream colored pastel for the cup and some light red for the pattern. The stamp I found in the museum’s collage box and liked it because it was from Czechoslovakia, it matched the color and feel of the sketch so I’ll probably add it in somehow, maybe as a tea bag tag or something. Sketches like this spark ideas for me and gives me a chance to take a break do something unstructured that doesn’t have to make sense, I need that after teaching all day.


2 Responses to Do you paint everyday?

  1. Anita Murphy says:

    I have fallen off the doing something every day bandwagon – ok I have an excuse but the guilt is getting to me.
    Thank God for artists like you to inspire me back to work!

  2. kullaf says:

    thanks Anita, I feel like I am running around in circles these days. a lot of classes and exhibits all at once, we all run the risk of falling off the bandwagon sometimes! 🙂

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