Trying a different surface

February 15, 2009
acrylic on Gesso Board, 8x8"
acrylic on Gesso Board, 8×8″

This is acrylic on Gesso Board–a surface I have not tried in a couple years. I actually dislike it with oils, I get a lot of streaks, but with acrylic, it’s wonderful. The surface an artist chooses to support their work can influence the end result so much. This has such a different feeling from canvas–both literally and in terms of the atmosphere of the painting. I like the toothy but fine surface and the way acrylic adheres to it, it gets rid of the stickiness I sometimes feel when working with acrylics. I find myself leaving more rough edges that occur naturally on this surface than if I working with acrylic on canvas where the texture sometimes is too noticeable to just leave as is.

Medium used here is just water and I have a couple more things I want to do with it–maybe a few more details on the buildings at left but that is about it. Palette used = burnt umber, cobalt, alizarin, yellow ochre, cad yellow, and white. I painted the surface of the board with a ground of cobalt + yellow ochre + white to block in the sky as well as to cover the white of the surface. I will definitely work some more on this type of surface with acrylics in the future.