Class notes Oil Painting – 2/9/09

Doorway, West 11th Street, oil on canvas, 8x10"
Doorway, West 11th Street, oil on canvas, 8×10″

Concepts presented:

  • Historic example: Edward Hopper is commonly known for using light, shadow and exaggerated perspective to create dramatic urban landscapes, however he also was masterful with color and his earlier works were very loose with lots of soft edges and color variation
  • Scumbling and glazing are 2 techniques that can be used to add color variation or adjust color temperature
  • Scumbling involves working with paint on a dry brush to create an optical mix of colors, the scumbled color sits on top of the base color but does not cover it completely, this method also adds great texture to flat areas that need some variation
  • Glazing is placing a transparent layer of color on top of another color in order to alter the base color
  • Both methods are excellent ways of adjusting color that is already laid down in a painting, as well as adding variation and texture to specific areas in the composition

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