Oil painting – class notes from 2/2/2009

February 3, 2009
oil demo, 9x12" canvas pad

oil demo, 9x12" canvas pad

Concepts presented:

  • working the entire canvas, keep moving!
  • historic example: Jackson Pollock’s abstracts are “motion paintings”, created with lots of movement during the application of the paint, as a result, the compositions have a rhythm and balance of color that encourages the viewer to explore the composition
  • focus on balance through repeating shapes and colors in the composition
  • don’t work any one section of the canvas to completion before any other–work the entire canvas to the same level before going back to a part you have already completed to that level
  • abstract compositions can be applied to representational painting, the result is a more dynamic image rather than a static “still life”
  • in the demo above, the yellow vase creates a strong angular pull into the painting, it connects with the yellow in the centers of the flowers, the white flowers relate to the white vase and the highlights on the objects, the greens on the leaves relate to to the apples, ellipses permeate the compostion, all of these elements create the rhythm that holds the image together

For next week, please remember to bring a reference photo to class as we will be focusing on the landscape and it’s too cold to go outside.