Acrylics – Class Notes from 1/29/2009

urban landscape work-in-progress/demo, acrylic on canvas, 9x12"

urban landscape work-in-progress/demo, acrylic on canvas, 9x12"

Concepts presented:

– began by toning background with  mix of yellow oxide (or ochre) + violet + white to create neutral tan background, this makes working on canvas a little easier for water color artists not used to working with opaque color–it forces you to use the paint not the white of the canvas for highlights

– with 1/2″ flat brush laid in value study with mix of violet + sap green

– continued laying in color with alizarin + yellow oxide on buildings, yellow oxide on taxi and other buildings, and cobalt blue + yellow oxide + violet + titanium white on sky, reflective surfaces on road

– using heavy gel gloss medium instead of water with acrylic to create a creamier consistency in the paint (water was used on the initial toning and for the value study)

– working very loosely from my own photo reference, at this stage will likely begin using color purely for expressive/compositional purposes, in other words, barely looking at the reference from this point forward

– next week, I will bring in the finished piece (will likely post it here first) and will do a demo on drawing with a brush and value studies, I’ll include a primer on perspective

– please bring a reference photo to work from in class next week as I’d like to have everyone work on a landscape and it is just too cold to go outside


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