Color & Compostion – Class Notes 10/24/08

pastel study, Wallis paper about 9x12

pastel study, Wallis paper about 9x12"

Concepts presented:
  • Block in values first with charcoal
  • Beginning with darkest darks, add color in large bold strokes, use the side of the pastels (using NuPastels or other hard pastels)
  • Move into medium values, I started with the greens, use complements for shading
  • For the water, use vertical strokes to imply depth
  • Added in large leaf areas that are in sunlight using yellow orchre and light greens, some pure yellow
  • Added a few small patches of blue/grey sky
  • For branches, use quick bold strokes, don’t fuss over details
  • Final details in soft pastel for highlights and a few darkest darks (Sennelier soft pastels)
  • Don’t overwork, keep forms semi-abstract

This was our last class, I enjoyed working with all of you very much and hope to see you again in one of my future workshops or courses.


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