2 Painting Demos Scheduled This Week

September 30, 2008
Anne Kullaf - oil painting demo
Anne Kullaf – oil painting demo

I will be at the Raritan Valley Arts Association monthly meeting on September 30 for an oil painting demo. The club meets at the Somerset County Library located at 1 Vogt Drive in Bridgewater at 7:30 p.m.

On Thursday, October 2, I will be conducting another demo in oil at the Roxbury Art Association. Their meeting will be held at 7:15 p.m. at the Roxbury Senior Center, 72 South Eyland Ave., Succasunna.


Color & Composition – Class Notes from 9/26/08

September 28, 2008

Here is the handout for the Color & Composition course at Somerset Art Association. The concepts we discussed in class are outlined in the handout, as well as some of the other things we will be covering in the upcoming weeks.  See you on Friday!

Pastel Fundamentals – Class Notes from 9/24/08

September 26, 2008
study of apple, pastel on colored paper

study of apple, pastel on colored paper

study of apple, pastel on colored paper

study of apple, pastel on colored paper

study of apple, pastel on colored paper

study of apple, pastel on colored paper

Concepts presented:

  • Support surfaces: 
    • Canson or any type of color paper suitable for pastel or charcoal
    • Sanded pastel papers such as LaCarte, Art Spectrum, Wallis, U-Art, designed for working in layers, these papers have a tooth that holds the pastel on the surface
  • Process:
    • start out with hard pastels then add medium and soft layers
    • Begin with a sketch in charcoal to work out composition and values
    • Work from dark to medium to light when working with colors
    • If you are new to pastels, try working on some simple studies to get used to the medium
    • Use complementary colors for shading, try to work with a limite palette
    • Stay loose and try not to over blend, let the strokes of the drawing be seen

For next week: I will bring in a still life set up, you are also welcome to bring in photos to work from or your own objects to set up if that is your preference.

Miscellaneous: There are 3 spaces open in this class which runs for 12 weeks, please call the Visual Arts Center at 908-273-9121 if you would like to register.

Pastel Fundamentals Class Begins Sept. 24

September 22, 2008

Pastel Fundamentals class begins Sept. 24 at the Visual Arts Center of NJ in Summit.  Class handout is below, feel free to review prior to class if you wish. If you have not registered yet and are interested in the class, please call 908-273-9121 to sign up.

Oil Basics & More – Class Notes from 9/20/08

September 21, 2008
still life demo in oil

still life demo in oil

Concepts presented:

  • Composition – work out composition first by doing loose charcoal sketches, aim for a balance of darks and lights, shapes, and colors that will result in good visual movement about the canvas
  • Values – along with composition, establish a range of 4-5 values with the charcoal sketch
  • Working in layers with oils:
    • always do a monochrome underpainting, you may use acrylic for this stage if you would like to begin working on your color layers immediately (the acrylic dries very quickly and will not blend with the oil layers placed on top)
    • the underpainting is done in a neutral color such as burnt umber or burnt sienna, raw umber or sienna are also good choices
    • in order to stay loose, try drawing with your brush directly onto the canvas instead of drawing in pencil and then going over with paint
    • the primarly goal of the under painting is to establish a good range of tonal values and a solid composition–this is the most important layer of the painting, even though it will be completely covered with subsequent layers when the painting is done–get it right at this stage and your odds of a successful painting are increased immensely 
    • the next layer is your color map, this layer ensures you have a balance of colors throughout the composition. It is done transparently using Turpenoid as the medium, the underpainting still shows through at this stage. This can be an ugly stage in any painting–most pieces will take on a flat look at this stage and in the early stages of the next layer because of the predominance of medium and dark values, this is normal and it is important not to jump ahead and get too light too soon.
    • your next layer is the layer where your brushwork and color usage come into play as you begin first with darkest darks, then medium values/brighter colors and last of all the highlights. Your paint gets thicker as you switch to a heavier medium (you may used a pre-mixed variety such as Winsor Newton Artists Painting Medium, a synthetic such as Liquin, or mix your own 50/50 Turpenoid and Linseed Oil or other suitable oil that you prefer.
  • Color Theory – use complementary colors on shadow areas, for example, if you have a green apple, use a mix of green and red for the areas of the apple that are in shadow. Refer to the Oil Basics & More handout in the Class Materials section for more on this topic.

Other miscellaneous items: web site for frame I used on painting of the irises is http://www.americanframe.com

For next week: class will finish working on still life, I will bring in a WIP of an urban landscape

Acrylic Basics – New Class Begins Sept. 25th

September 18, 2008

I have a new class in acrylic painting beginning on Sept. 25 at the Somerset Art Association.  This is a 6 week course that is scheduled for Thursday mornings from 10 to 12:30 p.m.  I have a few spaces available so if you think you would like to register, call SAA at 908-234-2345 for details.  The class materials are posted below, please feel free to review them if you are signed up or considering taking the class.

New Saturday Class Begins Sept. 20th

September 16, 2008

“Oil Basics and More”, a 4-week class held Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Somerset Art Association in Bedminster, NJ begins this Saturday, Sept. 20.  Call SAA as soon as possible at 908-234-2345 if you would like to register. In the meantime, the handout for the class is below, feel free to look it over before the course begins.